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Rose has teamed up with Square, the leader in payments and small business services

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Rose + Square = Changing the Shape of Consignment

The specific needs of a consignment or hybrid business paired with Square's services.

Rose is the only consignment software Built with Square. Rose is a web app that gives you cloud-based consignment management integrated with Square's free point of sale. With most consignment software, the point of sale is an afterthought. Don't settle.

Use this time to get your store in order and improve your workflow

Track your existing inventory quickly and easily. If you currently aren't using software for consignment tracking, Rose + Square make it very easy to make the transition.

No more notepads and spreadsheets or trying to make Square do inventory management it wasn't designed to do! As you create inventory, Rose dramatically reduces the time you take to reconcile and pay your consignors. Watch our video to learn more about tracking inventory that wasn't created in Rose.

Intuitive Modern Design

With Rose + Square you can enter inventory and take payments when and where it's appropriate for you - at the store, home, or at special events. Great software should stretch to fit your needs, and thanks to our partnership with Square, your business can be as mobile as you need it to be.

Square + Rose provides a truly modern, mobile, web-based consignment solution for small businesses like yours.

Access to Industry Leading Square Services

Now that consignment has come to Square, you can take advantage of all of the innovations that Square has made with hardware, payments and small business services while still meeting the special needs of a modern consignment business.

Consignment has come a long way. Your point of sale and customer facing technology should reflect that. Join two million plus merchants using Square to grow their business.

Square hardware is where it's at

Your business is special and your hardware should reflect that. With excellent customer facing design and built for ease of use, you can't go wrong. Square offers a powerful free point of sale that is feature rich and easy for you and your staff to understand with little training.

Rose was built by consignment professionals

Built from the ground up with a consignment focus by 20+ year consignment professionals with multiple retail consignment locations. You need peace of mind that you won't wake up and find your software developer has stopped development and support. With Rose, support is unlimited and free - phone, email, website chat and access to knowledge base articles and videos.


Control consignor splits by consignor and/or item.

Recover CC Fees

Automatically recover your CC fees on consignment sales and deduct those fees from your consignor's item payout price.

Work Flow

Our innovative Take-in Module has been designed with speed and productivity in mind. Track your orders as they enter the door and hit the floor. A first for consignment.

Consignor Portal

Message your consignors/vendors and allow them to view balances and sold items.


Our software is fast and efficient, just like a business should be. Every module within Rose is built around search.

User Access

Restrict employee access to specific modules in Rose.


Glanceable business performance at your finger tips to help give you the big picture of your business.

Item Fees

Cover your costs and grow your revenue with item fees. Item fees are paid by customers when an item sells and are not shared with consignors.

Rose + Square Uses











Built by Consignment Store Owners

"As owners of three consignment stores, we are very close to the work and have built Rose to be efficient and increase the speed with which product hits the floor. An improved work/life balance for owners is our priority!

Michael Perkins
Founder, Consignor Connect, LLC